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Welcome to our Adamar Asian Bistro website! We are happy to announce we have opened our doors in November 2017, and our friendly staff are ready to serve you. Adamar is a brand new restaurant & lounge that is unique in design and concept with a mood that is both a mixture of romance and flamboyant yet luxurious and sophisticated. Adamar is a totally new bistro concept in Bogor area, serving you all kinds of Asian food. From typical Bogor local street food (e.g. Soto Kuning) up to Vietnamese Bahn Mi. Besides an extensive list of food, we also offer non-alcohol as well as alcohol beverages (beer, wine etc) to cater your needs! Please feel free to take a look at our website, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The atmosphere

Adamar Asian Bistro is designed to make you feel comfortable yet stylish featuring some art designs from our in-house designer. Almost every corner of our premises has some art works where you can take some nice photos with family / friends.

Bogor is called the raining city, but it can also be quite hot outside. Therefore we have installed several AC units so you can optimally enjoy our food and music.


Serving With Love

Our friendly, well trained staff are ready to serve your needs. Even if you need some assistance in taking photos of our premises, feel free to ask them.


Beverage Selection

“I drink to make other people more interesting” – Ernest Hemingway

We love our food accompanied with a nice drink and we hope you too! Freshly squeezed juices for breakfast or during the day, and a nice red wine for dinner while eating our juicy and delicious Asian Steak!

May we also recommend one of our favorite drinks called Red Cinnamon Sangria? It contains small cut fruits like oranges, lemon, grapes and red wine. It’s really a must try!


“ Fresh and healthy master of town ”

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